We said : Jekky is a small Thai woman, but strong-minded, with a young soul, and a free spirit full of energy. She is a Thai chef who loves to cook Thai food for her family, friends and guests. She loves to share her knowledge about Thai culture and cuisine with the world. She is a farmer and local tour guide, too. This woman is a hard working person, a great entertainer and good hearted person. She is bad about IT and accounting.
She said : My life is beautiful and amazing! I love it. I feel like I am always traveling, because I meet new friends from different parts of the world everyday at my homestay. My life is like a book that gets filled with new stories every day. It changes every day, with new experiences. When I wake up, I tell myself that “New awesome things will happen again”
You don’t know when you will die; do the best for today to share the good karma with others.